I started Chap and Darling as a vehicle to make me follow through with ideas that grab me. Working out how to make those the things I imagine and crave exist, but don’t, with the hope that someone else might like some of it too!

To date, it’s all made or sewn or crafted by hand, by me, in my flat in Deptford. There’s been candles, and canvassy things, and leathery bits and very soon knickers!

Said knickers are in development with an aim of being available by Summer’18. But, if you’d like to keep up with the progress and see what’s coming, find the Instagram details below (and some bits are still up for sale on the Etsy page, click the link on the menu bar to go see).

Have a lovely day,


Chap & Darling – Good Ideas, Hand Crafted In Deptford.